This book is primarily designed to attract the attention and interest of the budding hospitality professional who is considering a career in the service industry. It is also a guide to the prospective college student, the currently engaged college student and those who have already navigated the academic waters. Positioned to uplift and assist anyone who takes the time to read and ponder the beauty and vastness of the industry, the transferable skills as expressed by the authors are applicable to any discipline or business. The intrinsic values hold true for anyone who has the love of people in the forefront and the desire to do the right thing.

The narrative is driven by the service philosophy and mentality of those delivering and the outcomes will be determined by the application of the basic principles of; the golden rule, knowing how to win friends and influence people and the basic desire and motivations to serve while engaging and transforming. The playing field is not level and there are many self-help books, motivational speakers and millions of tips as to how to achieve your goals, the testimonials herein are authentic and unique and will help anyone at any stage of development to gain self-confidence, analyze the environment and gain an edge in the competitive marketplace.

Disruptions are customary in the hospitality industry, however, it is the individual attitude integrated into societal norms and traditions that will help with fulfillment of potential, dreams and aspirations.

You will learn how to venture beyond self into uncharted territory to create new norms and opportunities for those coming behind. Here, professional development and self-awareness are preached by those who have been there and done that and continuing on the trajectory of lifelong learning, always seeking new pathways but never forgetting from whence they came!